Where it says “bad”, the bug still existed with only this define set to 1. Created attachment Always force a GPU flush between operations Updated always flush patch that passes Arkadiusz’s stress test. Was able to capture the corruption via a regular screen grab. The first Linux Lite Beta 3. I have not selected any special non-default compositing options that I know of. Download full text 3.

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[ubuntu] low screen resolution with intel 82Q/Q graphics

Created attachment Video screen capture showing the chromium tab flicker. Having been burnt by bugs uncovered by aggressive compiler optimisations before, it helps to keep me calm to have a 82q9963/q965 check.

Not confirming on Zenbook, ubunru just upgraded to the 3. Created attachment Video screen capture showing the chromium tab flicker Trying this attachment again – this time specifying binary manually How can Linux Lite get any better?


OK, tried your suggestions – I uguntu the following, one at a time, to 1. Bilal Akhtar 2, 1 12 Download full text 5. Created attachment not quite random corruption example With the workarounds disabled, can anything be deduced from the text or pixmap corruption not seeming to be completely random?

Also seeing the problem in gimp menus.

Author Read times. Is this and unsupported configuration? Bryce Harrington bryce on Jmadero jmadero wrote on The problem still persists.

But regarding the LTS, Ubuntu Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on So please try with the latest kernel that is available since late yesterday. Can you please check that attached video is the correct one? Tue Nov 6 Ubuntu no longer uses xorg.

See bug bug Created attachment Always force a GPU flush between operations Can you please try this patch against git and see if that improves things – except for performance? I was expirening this bug in Ubuntu Let me know if this helps.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Though I need to uguntu at the other gen4 closely. Yup, because we’ll open a specific thread for that. Jonathan Thomas echidnaman on So I assume now the rendering happens to some off-screen memory – which is then transfered back to screen with errors – and refresh doesn’t help with this case.


Penalver penalvch on There are no proprietary drivers available in the hardware manager. Ok, I downgraded to pixman Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. In other words, is the code obeying the spec, but it would take an 82q963/q695 non-spec workaround to make the HW behave? After reading this page https: So it feels like the bug is still lurking.