If these numbers are different than the previous parameters it will tell you so, but thats fine, we are chaning them! You need to edit these to include the boot options that you found necessary when you first tried booting off the CD. If we were to raise the size, we would be becoming just another distro. Assuming all files are copied into their proper directory structure, it’s now time to check ownerships of the files. Building a green extension can sometimes be as simple as packing up a pre-compiled binary with the appropriate ownership. Now, if you want to try setting your timezone, must be in US, the others were cut for space reasons.

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If you know what language it is, go ahead and fix it. Having done your research, feel free now to execute configure.

Windows system32 drivers etc hosts mc corel com

Scroll down to the. The “regular” area contains extensions that have been proven stable enough for everyday use and is broken down into different areas such as “Apps”, “Net”, “system”, and “uci” Universal Compressed ISO – extensions in. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t use this environment variable, so you still have to set up the proxy definition seperately in Firefox itself.

Check hkelley’s recent thread for more info. Save and exit the file and you should be all set. The ‘–help’ option of configure should tell you which features can be disabled this way e.


Again, let’s assume a menu item will be used:. The file will look something like this numbers are added here for reference:. If you want to capture the output from a command line session you might like to use the script command. Has anyone found this to be true? When your sure it’s nothing you want, unmount that drive and use cfdisk to repartition it. We want to add a new printer so enter an “a” and press the key.

VCTnet AirXpress-can u help me dissect my pcmcia? : Hardware

This has been most informative. Grab the boot floppy image from one of the mirrors and use it to make a boot floppy.

You can enter “y” if you would like the authors address. If the application loads up fine, things are looking good. If the application is non-interactive and generally requires various commandline options, a menu item probably won’t be useful.

DSL Documentation Project

If you burn over 16x, your Pcc11br will boot on newer computers, but probably not older PCs. Yellow and red extensions are named. The Testing Area is for newly submitted extensions that theoretically work “as advertised”, but may have any number of bugs.

Choose “4” and press the key.

The decision to create a menu item is much the same as the decision to use an icon. She tells us she has an Inspiron Also note the device name of the FAT32 partition that you will use for the installation. The operators of this airxpreess will not be held responsible for any incidents involving the use of ideas or programs demostrated or supplied by using this website.

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First thing you need to do is figure out the configuration of your drive by running this command:. Aifxpress MUCH easier to manipulate partitions using sfdisk under DSL than using windows tools, even if you will then be using it under windows. Why would you want to change the parameters? You may want to redirect the output of this command to a file, which you can have in sight while airxprese various configure options: Lets say that you have downloaded and have a nice proven collection of extensions on your harddrive say hda3.

Don’t use it anymore. Thanks again – illyB [ LiT ]. Note that this installation method works for most Knoppix-based Live-CD variants, as well as pc11gr Knoppix itself. Sometimes, you will be required to make a shell wrapper to start the app.