Trusted Store Learn about us! Turn it over and open the Lid. Take off all screws. Then 1 minute on High settings, don’t move the hose much. No, create an account now. Asus debuts new Optimus-enabled U30Jc notebook Apr 5,

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Ii’m considering if buy it, new, i3 or a second hand Lenovo X i5. Grate the old thermal paste from the heatsink and with the artic cleaner 2 wipe off the paste from the cpu and gpu.

ASUS U30Jc Keyboard, Compatible with ASUS U30Jc Keyboard

How do I know the percentage of fan’s speed? Makes the fan runs more silently. On the underside of the notebook, you’ll find screws holding the keyboard and palm rest in place.

I’m particularly interested into have insights about keyboard and build quality but also the display aspect is a point to consider.

Press firmly on the left and right edges to qsus the palm rest into place again. If the search results is similar to your laptop model, feel free to browse the similar keyboard type. Your U30JC Chiclet connector cable should be easy to remove by simply sliding it out.


Yes, my password is: Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Hopefully there are some still reading this thread!

Look at the back of the keyboard. I played it twice to make sure there was no more thermal drift.

So after reading your post about the amount of work it’d actually take to get to the fan, I decided to stop this little adventure and go for the “easy way”. After that take off the dvd drive, pulling the tray out, it will come off.

Spare parts for U30JC

Turn off your laptop. Asus debuts new Optimus-enabled U30Jc notebook Apr 5, After removing the diskthere are 4 additional screws inside 3 on top, and 1 on right bottom in a deep hole. I spilled a bit of coffee on the keyboard of my U30JC, and then some of the keys stopped working or, more commonly, key other characters – i. Close the Lid, and turn the notebook over. Products may not be available in all markets. And while the new U30Jc packs more features than much larger notebooks, it operates with great thrift for super long battery life.


What I did so far is: If you are still not sure after a comparation, please Contact us. Keyboard problem Aug 20, I need to clean out the fan assembly on an Asus U30JC model. Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

Do not block the entire vent with the hose always leave some space for air to get in. The affected keys are in the middle-right section of the board. What would I have to do? Already have an account? For example if your model isEnter as the search term. But hopefully it will remove some dust clot and reduce heating a little. After 2 peers complained about my fans making too much noise they both own a macbook airI thought I should clean the fan and grilles inside my u