Similar to a weighted action keys, but with less resistance and a slightly springier release, semi-weighted keys are popular with many players. Sat Oct 26, 2: The device has an electronic display to present information to the user. The device could be also set up with different softwares. Originally posted by MartinHines — they originally started out as a supplier of keyboard mechanisms to other music manufacturers I assume this is still part of their business, similar to Fatar. And good luck to you. All the mail adresses are broken and the forum is down for almost 2 years now.

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There are even issues with the newer UF80 and no driver support for Lion The keyboard also respond to the amount of force applied after initial impact. I wouldn’t go that far. Number of buttons 19 vs Join the HC Newsletter. Tue Jan 10, Has a bank selector button?

All notes played will continue to sound until the pedal is released.

Thu Jan 03, 2: Has backlit LED buttons? The button is used to select independent banks of continuous controllers. Transpose button move automatically your keyboard notes up or down tones raise or lower the pitch by a number of semitones.


CME with Macs?

It seems that Ut have pronounced it as a Legacy product and that it is “no longer supported’ and ‘discontinued’ and so have no intentions of updating the drivers for it any longer. Thanks for the tip, Birdie! This means you need less cables.

Oh ok, I thought it might be an issue with logic not finding it.

I also had to do a clean install after the CME driver killed my ‘puter, and it was a miserable experience, but after setting it up with a reliable MIDI interface I am very happy with it. Buttons will light up when pressed, resulting in better visibility to users.

The octave buttons are used to shift the keyboard up ur down in one octave increments. Make sure you’re looking at the MIDI one. And the quality of the action on the keys is better than all the other generic controllers I’ve tried, and that is really what I’m after For all I know it might take them another 10 revisions before they get it right, and I don’t have the time.


Users can map, set and regulate the entire midi controller giving different functionalities to all different buttons, knobs and faders.

Now c’mon guys, put out your new stuff for Macs, ok? Sat Oct 26, 2: Sun Jan 08, 7: Thanks for your feedback, though – it is appreciated.

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CME – New driver of UF Keyboard for Intel MAC released

So excited as my R3 power supply burned up and a friend gave me the CME for free. Also, please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: User interface is dead simple and I have had no problems.

,ac Feb 13, 5: Top 10 keyboard controllers 1. Login or Sign Up. Originally posted by MartinHines They do seem to be pretty responsive in terms of updating their drivers: