It has been manufactured by LG. Following review is provided by notebookcheck. Only the display cover yields a little bit under pressure. It’s for the logo of the brand under which it will be sold. However, they are quick and precise.

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The FL90 also provides an excellent webcam, and good speakers. Nevertheless, some hot keys are provided, and the power button is even equipped with a blue LED. Some of them do not look so good. Philips screen black quite quickly becomes gray both vertically and horizontally.

Philips Some HP Pavilions are, e. They are white, and hard to press. Be this as it may, the Compal FL90 looks quite nicebut not outstanding. In idle mode the fan start runnning every half minute. The Compal FL90 looks nice and has a good performance. Speakers The sound quality is relatively good.

The display, although made by LG. There are a few decorative details.


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However, Fn and Ctrl keys are reverse than usual. Its runtime is between 1. We measured a maximum noise level of Although, it might not look as elegant as ‘brand notebooks’, it is excellently equipped, e.

However, the cover of the base unit vibrates quite loudlyif you touch it. Of course, also the price has to be reasonable.

Touching the rough surface of the case it gets obvious that this notebook is not designed a top notebook. The products offered as a part of this program have to follow a set of guidelines specified by Intel. If the notebook is held upside down, the display cover will open for about cmera.

The case is solid and sound all aroundand in general totally robust. The FL90’s quality partly exceeds the quality of many recognized brands. In the middle of the display cover there is a round hollow.

Review Compal FL90 Notebook

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Compak is a solid notebook, without any fancy, unnecessary details. Although it may not look so, this web cam is alright.


The cursor keys – although squeezed between other keys – are suprisingly large and easy to use. In addition to silver multimedia hot keys above the keyboard, the Compal also provides two more hot keys located at the left side of the case.

Review Compal FL90 Notebook – Reviews

FIFA 07 demo default settings fps This means that it isn’t big especially vertically and has an unusal format. However, they are quick and precise.

Even with the larger battery the run time is not satisfying.

Under load the fan operates continually and occasionally at higher speeds. FL90 is mostly dark blue – almost black.