Urbani and Sharon D. We all loved it and a couple of months later we got the dog. However, water does pose significant safety risks. Don’t ever dive into a lake because it is usually too dark to see how deep it really is. If you go to summer school, it’s even more days.

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Further investigation will allow them to determine exact weather conditions at the time of the accident, Peele said.

Cumberland County

Video from NBC10 shows firefighters dousing remaining hotspots around the structure, which appears to be destroyed.

Markey to Timothy P.

From his Pennsville Memorial High School classmates and football team members, the entire Pennsville community is pulling for one of their own. Marley and David F. Bridgeton High School seniors joyfully celebrated Friday night.

Why do I feel so compelled?


Cumberland County

For families of somewhat better means, rent-to-own programs could be established. Koontz to United S. Pusak to George D. One solution would be to make the school day a little longer, so the year could be a little shorter.

Garrison to Joseph E. Bianchini and Heather N. Box 26, Deerfield Street, NJ If you ever see someone struggling in the kepouski, find a flotation device to throw to them. Check out the list and consider giving these folks your businesses.

Always have your phone close by in case of emergency. Some schools don’t have air conditioning. Our legislators are wasting our time debating over the name of a state sandwich. This program is about more than free advertising. The Bookmobile Library is located at Route 45 in Mannington. The public is cordially invited to attend.

It’s just too long! Donohue and Debra A.

Like the lake, only swim at a lifeguard-protected beach in the designated swim areas. Smith and Christopher B. In Philadelphia, phony deeds and lepouskii have created big problems. Kowalko and Jenna E. Blaze destroys large chicken coop in Gloucester Awy. Cordisco to David D. Capuano and Jenna L. Many schools have official post-prom parties at a local venue in order to minimize the number of prom-goers — and it’s no different for those who head to the shore.


Make sure to obey all instructions from lifeguards who will have all available information on the swimming conditions that day. Meissner and Susan M.

Before long, the world had photographs of Daisia and Mikalya both looking luminous in their prom dresses.