Your RAC provides a complete hardware and software solution for remote systems management. Enables you to remotely access the managed system using VT terminal hardware or terminal emulation software. The port is closed when the transfer of the image is complete. After receiving an alert, you can view the event log to get more information on the type and severity of the event. The following sections describe the security features available on all RACs. When you create a RAC user, you must assign a valid user name and password.

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DRAC Card How To Guide

When using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on systems running Microsoft Windows, to view localized versions of the RAC’s Web-based remote access interface, open accsss Windows Control Paneldouble-click the Regional Options icon, and select the desired locale from the Your locale location drop-down menu. Retrieved from remots https: The telephone number, user name, password, and IP address where the dial-out trap is sent are specified in the RAC configuration files. If a match occurs, the user is validated and access to the RAC is granted.

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If the managed system goes down or becomes otherwise unresponsive and you want to perform crash-recovery actions, or if you just want to check the status of sensor monitors when the system is running, you can launch the RAC’s browser-based remote access interface.


If an administrator logs in locally, operating system access is protected by standard operating-system security measures. Collectively, these solutions are known as remote access controllers RACs. The firmware source code is available on the Dell website [18] however it is not possible to compile the source into a replacement firmware as Dell does not include a build environment.

RACs allow you to remotely manage and monitor your system even when the system is down. This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the drracpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral.

This authentication method operating system authentication versus RAC-user authentication operates independently of the operating system’s user authentication configuration. Remote floppy boot image.

The hardware part is now [ when? The password is then encrypted and sent to the RAC. It provides software interfaces to all the embedded systems management functions provided by the BMC.

The controller has its own processor, memory, network connection, and access to the system bus.

All generations of the DRAC use the default user name root and the default password calvin. Information that refers to “RAC” applies to all of the controllers. Remote Access Controller Features. If the operating system has loaded the correct drivers, the DRAC will attempt to shut down the system gracefully. Extra card, virtual console requires Firefox 1.

This gives system administrators the ability to configure a machine as if they were sitting at the local console terminal.


The RAC Web-based remote access interface content acxess proprietary and does not provide direct access to the managed system’s operating system. Some features of Lifecycle controller are licensed and to access those features via iDRAC the correct licenses for those functions need to be enabled.

The RAC receives the user name and encrypted password and begins authentication. On 6 March fard, software version 1. To do this, the RAC sends an alert using one or more of its remote access port connections.

Dell Remote Access Card Drac 4 PCI Adapter – 0J9799

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The following system documents are also available to provide more information about the system drll which your RAC is installed:.

This article has multiple issues. Because RAC firmware has an embedded Web server, you can connect to the RAC from a management station without installing any software on the management station other than a supported Web browser. Other Documents You May Need. The chosen serial port is then redirected to the DRAC’s serial port.

It is then compared with the encrypted password received from the remote user.