The default is [K]. Set the length guide and the right width guide to the correct positions. The way to print a PDF file directly is as follows. For example, if the [Permitted IP Address] is JavaScript A scripting language developed by Netscape Communications and executable on web browsers. For accurate image quality processing, refer to the following table and set the paper types on the control panel.

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Setting on the control panel is also required to print custom size paper loaded in trays 1 to 4. It supports the Hot Plug feature allows connection to be made with power switched on that can connect the computer and peripherals easily.

Close cover A securely. Following the message on the control panel, open the cover and remove the jammed paper. If connection fails, enter the IP address to connect. It is a standard Internet protocol that is used in various products from personal to large computers.

Duplo DP User Guide |

You can change the receive buffer capacity depending on how busy the conditions are and purposes. Selecting [Select from tray] ensures that data is printed on the specified paper.


The default is [bps]. A4 The A4 size print measures Dupol you print big attachments frequently, we recommend adding memory.

Fuji Xerox is not liable for any problems resulting from unauthorized operation of the equipment. This list can be printed when the hard disk optional has been installed. Loading Custom Size Paper Loading Custom Size Paper in a Paper Tray The way to load custom size paper with the long edge shorter than mm in trays 1 to 4 is the same as loading standard size paper.

We will send you a replacement or money back in the following cases: Tray 1 sheetsTray 2 sheets Optional: If you notice flickering or distorted images or noises on your audio-visual units, your machine may be causing radio interference. Also, increase the free space by deleting unnecessary data in the hard disk optional.

Duplo DP Printers and MFPs specifications

Non-defective or damaged product in unopened original packaging subject to re-stocking fee. Slide the paper guides to the size of the envelope.

The default is [Enable], which means the serial port is available. Dl-205 printer cannot receive any print data from the computer during processing. When you are printing without using the printer driver e.


Duplo Duprinter DP-205 Manuals

NetWare Select this to use NetWare. The transport protocol is different from that of the computer. A piece of paper remaining in the machine can cause fire. From [Output Size], select the registered custom size.

The default is [ Job History Report Prints information on printing result, such as whether data from the computer has been printed correctly. Load the paper with the side to be printed facing up and with all four corners aligned.

Select from [bps] [bps] [bps] [bps] [bps] [bps]. Set the length guide and right width guide to the correct positions.

Digital Duplicators|Duprinter|DP-G205

When no print data is received for 5 minutes, the printer will enter the low power mode. Printing will be done with the following items configured according to the control panel settings. You are also recommended to increase the memory. You can also check it in CentreWare Internet Services.