With the sidepanel removed I placed a big fan on my table and get the temp at 60 degree and PC keeps running. For me it was an indication that the control to the fan was working but the fan did not react. Note on archived topics. This is not a software problem, it cant be. Some power supplies are built for dual video cards SLI. Without changing out the power supply then your choice of video will be limited to the amperage rating of your power supply’s 12 volt buss.

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I had the fg same problem. Carefully took the fan out, it did not look dusty, but nevertheless I cleaned itput the vacuumcleaner on it. After using my HP m About a month ago, I had bought a 2TB media drive and had plugged it it for backups.

I have it my mt system watt power supply. The Power settings on the PC are: When you mentioned a bigger power supply, that caught my attention. Everything I’ve read on the boards say this card shouldnt go above 75 C I then reboot and have issues for 10 minutes getting it to load properally. I’ve even had it happen in CMOS.


Most motherboard don’t have dual PCI-E 16x slots away. This is your motherboard. You gg a standard ATX power supply. I took the graphics card out the PC I was not able to remove the heatsink and fan. I wouldn’t recommend dual video cards in a small cabinet as there might be too much heat. I’m thinking I 900gs to put a bigger power supply in instead of the watt that’s in there now.

Message 3 of Processors OKbut I saw that the fan of the videocard was not running. I play World of Warcraft on this computer, and during play it will just shut down, monitor goes to sleep, computer stays on and is locked up, the sound skips for 5 seconds then goes dead.

The problem is the fan, it has too much friction, also in my case I thought problem solved but it occurs from time to time. Message 10 of Now however, it is happening during use.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS OEM

This topic has been archived. After your post, I removed the drive and the PC was working for a while. I’ve given up installing a new OS, and had this problem happen to me when I reboot. Gg I’ve left the machine on for 21 days straight, and no problems at all Your GPU is running too hot. Do you know how to check the power supply? With the sidepanel removed I placed a big fan on my table and get the temp at 60 degree and PC keeps running. USB ff 5 volt while video cards are 12 volts.



Message 8 of I had a suspicion that it had something to do with the temperature because for a couple of months I heard that a fan was turning very unregularly. I’ve noticed that when I first boot up, 9600gz monitor stays on for about 5 minutes then goes off. After restart the same problem.

I was able to take it apart clean it up and get it turning freely. So now I’m really thinking it’s the power supply. If it is the video card, what type of slot is it, so that I can replace it with something great I’m starting to use photoshop heavily.