Videos Watch videos to learn more about this product. If one module has flash cache options, all modules in the system must have flash cache options. Customer replacement parts None. This feature will increase the machine installation time and should only be ordered if required. One on initial order; 99 for MES field orders. Refer to the table below for the number of cords that ship per feature number. Contact your IBM representative to obtain additional information regarding CoD offering contracts, terms, and conditions.

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Single-phase power Single-phase line cords: This feature is ordered for installations where receiving a full sized assembled storage unit would be impractical, due to door height limitations, or moderate weight limitations. CoD configurations are available to provide a method to quickly provision new physical storage and can be ordered at any of the valid partially populated capacities.

Unique grid design of interconnected modules work in parallel to serve data and ensure tuning-free consistent performance. Logical configuration planning and creation are customer responsibilities. The specified level of warranty service may not be available in all worldwide locations. Feature should be used to attach iSCSI hosts and features and are to be used to ib, hosts via fiber 8210xiv cables.

The modem is used for remote support activities and is a bim feature where available. Devices supported Information on servers, operating systems, host adapters, and connectivity products supported by the XIV is available at the SSIC website: Feature requires the ATS feature Additional charges may apply outside IBM’s normal service area.


IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 is designed to leverage the proven architecture to provide consistent, high performance, and high reliability with a low total cost of ownership.

System configuration and inventory information collected by the Electronic Service Agent tool also can be viewed on the secure Electronic Support web portal, and used to improve problem determination and resolution by you ibj the IBM support team.

For example, 9 module physical configurations must have 6 activations.

The XIV line of storage products continues to provide the same great ease-of-management and reliability. This architecture is designed to support enterprise-class reliability, performance, and scalability. High reliability and availability through hardware redundancy, rapid rebuild times, automatic self-healing, and preemptive, proactive support services.

All initial configurations are shipped with a 42U industry-standard rack. While discretion has been used in the placement of the tag on the product, this tag is not necessarily designed to be aesthetically pleasing and should not be added to the order. Feature requires quantity one of line cord feature or any x line cord feature.

Family +02 IBM XIV Storage System (M/T ) Model Gen3

Bim the initial order, if the quantity of this feature is three, the quantity of feature must be three. Service levels are response-time objectives and are not guaranteed.

All initial configurations are shipped with a 42U industry standard rack.

Ideally, the cables that connect to this patch panel should also be ib, micron optical cables. The My Systems and Premium Search functions make it even easier for Electronic Service Agent tool-enabled customers to track system inventory and find pertinent fixes.

IBM Storage consulting, data mobility, and implementation services IBM has a broad array of Storage consulting, data mobility and implementation services to assist customers in the development of strategies to simplify their storage and data management environments to enable business growth and innovation.


Family 2810+03 IBM XIV Storage System (M/T 2810) Model 214

Using Premium Search and the Electronic Service Ivm information that has been collected from your system, customers are able to see search results that apply specifically to their systems. Expert resources to help you succeed. Features – No charge. All CoD increments must be activated within a twelve-month period from the date of installation; all such activation is permanent.

Family +01 IBM XIV Storage System

No Rear Water-Cooled Door No Longer Available as of July 11, This feature provides an optional rear door water cooled heat-exchanger that can be attached to the back of the XIV rack to provide additional cooling options. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. They are for administrative purposes only and do not affect the technical capabilities of the machine. Cannot be ordered with feature or for model.

Family 2812+01 IBM XIV Storage System Model A14

Scale storage management with minimal overhead or training. This announcement is provided for your information only. Feature requires quantity one of either line cord feature