The following items are required: Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. On the plus side I now have enough sugar cookies shaped like gingerbread men to start a small dessert army. Enter the ProductKey in place of xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Posted 30 November – But as far as any self-extraction, I extracted the files myself, from “f6flpy-x Application System Under Select type to list , select:

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Anyway, just wanted to point that out.

Welcome to Bleeping Computer! Notepad will open with the output log.

Posted 23 December – But I could also open a webpage for the first time that day, or start up a game, and still get a BSOD. It’s all system files and security catalogs.

Installing an Intel RAID controller ….which is apparently a thing

Though, in my defense Posted 03 December – No, I’ve got nothing. I had assumed that this was all the same error, over and over again, but it looks like different things are causing it? I also did a stress test thing where it runs all 4 processors full blast for like a hour or so, and nothing happened.


Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected. I did a Hard Drive local disk error check, which as far as I can tell went fine it didn’t give me any sort of log or anything? I won’t make you suffer through listening to me ramble on about SIF files. SIF using your favorite text editor. You mean the RAID driver at this link?

Just wanted to reiterate something here. I told the computer to shut down and instead it froze and restarted. INF files are commonly used by a system to install new drivers.

Microsoft Update Catalog

Or, well, all the issues with my computer. Posted 31 December – SIF Paste the following into it: September 21, When installing Windows XP on a system with hard drive controllers not natively supported one or more of the following may be encountered: Could be watching a movie, surfing online, doesn’t seem to matter.

INF using your favorite text editor. Edited by MrBruce, 19 November – Enter the FullName eata quotes. Machine Check Exception Error Type: I want to take a look at your system errors. When installing Windows XP on a system with hard drive controllers not natively supported one or more of the following may be encountered: I’ll post back on here if any else comes up but I think we’re good!


I will be watching for your next reply. I re-installed everything, but I still get a shutdown times a week. I downloaded Microsoft’s debugging tool and it said the problem was with my GenuineIntel processor bus, a Win7 Driver icu9r which makes sense, given that I’m running Windows 7.

I’ll also mention that more than a couple times the BSOD has been kicked up right as my background wallpaper was changing from one image to another, though I can’t imagine that function is really all that taxing on the computer?