How can SilkTest find out if Daylight Saving is enabled on a computer? Are there any simple examples of how to create and use a SilkTest Application State? How do I resolve the SilkTest error “Table record type does not correspond to a known table: Is it possible to return the comments from SilkTest test scripts? Is it possible to drill down further than one level into a controls hierarchy using the CompoundControl class?

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Automating a smooth drag and drop action. How can SilkTest be used to change the Windows screen resolution? How can I generate a popup microoft from within a testcase which requires user interaction during playback?

[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

Net script within the SilkTest Workbench? What is the easiest way micosoft clean all data from a record type? What can cause SilkTest or SilkTest Agent to hang or die with every try of any application or every script.

How can SilkTest dismiss the dialog that gets displayed before you open the GMO client server application?

How do I add. How can I count the occurrence of a word in a string? Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. How can SilkTest be used to remove files from Windows folders? Is it possible to pass a variable containing dynamic values into an X-Path query in order to identify an object?


How can the bitmap baseline be updated during runtime in SilkTest? How can I return the current machine name and the current user name via dll calling in SilkTest? Im0004 existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”.

Can you provide an example of how to use sMaskFile when using the Verify Bitmap method? Is it possible to run a distributed SilkTest script across a Firewall?

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How do I close a second Browser with SilkTest when all the usual methods either fail or close the main Browser? How can SilkTest test for a memory leak in an application?

IM004:[microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDL

How can you ensure that SilkTest starts without any files open, after running scripts via the partner command? Is microssoft a way to use SilkTest Classic to modify the priority of a running process?

Unable to open C: I don”t want SilkTest to data-drive my case because of the additional code overhead.

What is a cause of an “Invalid timer handle” exception in SilkTest?


IM[microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDL

In SilkTest what is a Property? How do you wrap from microsoftt line to the next in a SilkTest script? Is there a way to save a screen dump with SilkTest when a TestCase fails? How do you improve recognition of your java application if SilkTest does not see all components? How can the SilkTest WaitBitmap method be used when it expects a “Rect” parameter, even though this is optional?

How can an Excel Spreadsheet be updated using SilkTest? How can SilkTest verify if a html pushbutton is disabled or is “greyed out”?

How can a SilkTest script be adjusted to take into account slow performance in a web application? Considerations when trying to record against a Java Application that is launched via a dynamic command line.

How do I differentiate between separate buttons on a toolbar when SilkTest only sees the Parent Toolbar object? How obdc a “MessageBox” be determined as modal?

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