Some reduced the effect but the pops were still annoyingly noticeable. Was so glad to see this work I wanted to get a post out! I am very interested in purchasing a new imac, but want to run 64 bit vista. No control panel, no system tray icon, nothing. The 64bit drivers where all on my install discs that came with my iMac.

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Internal iSight driver for Windows 7 x64?

Drivers for windows 7 64-bit?

Ashman, I have the same configuration as you and i I had a problem like that when i tried vistx install Vista x64, but Windows 7 RC x64 was a breeze, how odd. Cutting edge video drivers—while I found the drivers on the Mac Pro disc satisfactory index score of 5.

Mark Russinovich from Sysinternals explains the reason for this on his blog. I am new to iMac… and I tested this enough to switch back and forth to make sure the process was clean.

Installing Windows Vista 64-bit on an iMac

Okay so I feel like banging my head on this keyboard here. Good to know that my iSight mod is Windows – compatible. Here’s a screenshot of results from OS X and Vista, with a repeat of comments from the earlier page. And does it still cause the isigbt glitch problems? Microsoft Flight Simulator X is one of my favorites.


Instead, open to view files and click on bootcamp folder.

Despite OS X showing a full 5 bars when connected to the 7. Sign In Sign Up. But when connected to the 2. OpenGL extensions viewer v3.

Apple Bluetooth with Windows Vista x64 |VMware Communities

DirectX updated april runtime – no errors found in dxdiag tests either. I just installed Vista Home Premium 64bit on it. You can go ahead and partition your hard drive with the Boot Camp Assistant and perform the installation normally.

I was pleasantly surprised. I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate bit and everything worked jsight of the box with the exception of the Mac keyboard shortcuts and the builtin iSight.

What exactly do you mod to get usight cutting edge video drivers to work? I quickly installed Firefox 3.

After hours and hours of research. Register a new account.

Another Mac Pro owner running XP also said the he had installation problems similar to mine. I will report back if I find anything out.

Finally, wire up so that you can access the internet and run the Apple software update program to get the Boot Camp 2. Personally at this point I’m going to stop messing with Windows on this machine. Getting the drivers You isigght go ahead and partition your hard drive with the Boot Camp Assistant and perform the installation normally. That seems to bypass the compatibility check. I installed the iSight bootcamp x64 drivers, and Skype uses it perfectly! No control panel, no system tray icon, nothing.


Although as some others have seen in Vista not just bootcamp usersI’ve had occasional freezes at the end of Firefox 3. Surprisingly, Windows can find and install that one for you—just wire up, head to device manager, and Update Driver Software. Fortunately, someone has already uploaded these to rapidshare: Please share any additional information or solutions for some of the problems if your run across something.