For additional information on the possibility of a through-and-through windshield bullet hole and the “Hole is a Hole” theory, click here. The significant design flaw of SSX — the ‘stretch’ section including the center partition area, were well known to the Secret Service, even upon delivery of the car in June, Ironically, the Rouge will open for tours in , so hopefully some of those touting this theory will take time to see where this event was supposed to have taken place. Kennedy , some items were intentionally destroyed by the United States government. Kennedy decided to travel to Texas to smooth over frictions in the Democratic Party between liberals Ralph Yarborough and Don Yarborough no relation and conservative John Connally. The book draws from many hard-to-find sources of information. The privacy window was taken out, and a removable metal frame was designed with glass side panels to hold the rest of the bubbletop in place.

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Archived from the original on November 13, Assassination rifle Timeline J. Vince Palamara has determined that JFK did not order the bubble top off, but that Sam Kinney took responsibility for that fatal mistake.

Before visiting Sydney, the president stopped off in Victoria, home to then-prime minister Harold Holt, with whom Johnson had developed a strong bond.

Using giveaways like this campaign button, Democratic presidential candidate John F.

Only three months later the limo was restructured and the privacy window removed. United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. The logic was straightforward, according to Henry Ford curator Anderson.


SSX – Wikipedia

Improbably, the car stayed in service through President Richard Nixon’s administration and intoJimmy Carter’s administration’s first year. Nine months later the FBI removed the curb, and a spectrographic analysis revealed metallic residue consistent with that of the lead core in Oswald’s ammunition.

The limousine that John F. It, along with statements by Rowley, Assasinstion, Kinney and Hoover give insight into what happened to X after it was returned to DC; that it was cleaned, windshield replaced, back carpeting replaced and ready for the road by early December, Soon after plans were made to modify the car in Cincinnati, Ohio and then return it to Washington D.

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Ken and Greg’s Excellent Adventure: The only two pieces of evidence from the limo exam were labelled Q14 and Q The original customized Lincoln limousine code name: The Henry Ford Museum, which has not only the line of Presidential Limousines, but trains, planes and appliances from on, is a fascinating place for adults and young people jfo visit when you are in the Dearborn area.

The museum is operated by the Dallas County Historical Foundation. Kennedy’s Warren Commission testimony: Kennedy leans over the dying president as a Secret Service agent climbs onto the back of the car just after the shooting. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat What’s the score in the cricket?

The view from the Oval Office as seen through the eyes of America’s youngest 1st family. The news shocked the nation.

Mack says that for all of the car’s upgraded features, it served mostly as an “expensive, fancy limousine. It had a special short-turn radius, Retrieved November 27, Praise from a Future Generation: On October 12,the three-acre park within Dealey Plazathe buildings facing it, the overpass, and a portion of the adjacent railyard — including the railroad switching tower — were designated part of the Dealey Plaza Historic District by the National Park Service.


Previously unknown color footage ifk on the assassination day by George Jefferies was released on February 19,by the Sixth Floor Museum.

An Investigation of the Assassination of John F. Jack Ruby moves into position immediately before fatally shooting alleged President Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on live television as police transport him through the basement of Dallas Police headquarters on the way to Dallas County Jail. These fragments were labelled Q4 and Q5. Presidential limousine Presidential yacht Resolute desk Situation Room.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Crowds of people wait for news outside Parkland Memorial Hospital, where President Kennedy had been taken following his assassination. To pass directly through Downtown Dallas, a route west along Main Street, rather than Elm Street one block to the north was chosen, since this lomo the traditional parade route and provided the maximal building and crowd views. But, even when Johnson commissioned a new limousine, which came into service inthat was not the end of assasinatino for the iconic car.