Dec 18, Messages: Anyone have this working well with 64 bit win 7? Gotta love the 7!!! I just did a quick check on prices for the XT and it looks more expensive than the pro. I believe when I first installed bit, I had to use the windows xp bit drivers to get it to work, but then MS released a driver update later and it continued to work. It probably has something to do with operating the tuner, but so far I haven’t figured out what specifically causes the problem. Yes, my password is:

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I’d take the pro over both the FX or the XT. Originally Posted by rdunton I am not sure how I did it, but it is possible to kraam Windows 7 MC to find both the Digital channels and the Analog channels.

How to pronounce Kramati:

I did buy a hauppauge hvr but it bsods whenever it tries to tune a channel. Log in or Sign up. I thought I had some recordings scheduled for this AM, but when I checked there was nothing and the tuner was inop. I’ve included a screenshot tai them for you. MMC is the most horribly designed and bug ridden sw I’ve ever come across. Then I installed the ” hdtv wdm.

All I have to do to fix it is to start my TV player on another TV station that has a stronger digital kra, then once it shows a picture, I can simply switch channels to the weaker TV kgam and it will then show a picture!


Gotta love the 7!!! I found another posting that said kra the tuner does not revive from an S1 Sleep state and the only way the poster found to revive it was to cycle the power. After several days of trials and errors, it seems that I can get the HDTV wonder to work under both OSes, but sometimes something will get setup in the card and nothing but removal of power will make the tuner work when I switch between XP and Win 7.

I wouldn’t call it fierce yet, but it does look like nvidia has an ace up its sleeve with the XT SE. All is well in signal strength area but i cant get any tv channels! So that’s atl happening!

In my case the card is working fine ith the 6. Multiple votes are allowed. There’s no need to install the ATI driver manually. Ktam still unable to get either card to work, looks like I’ll be heading to best buy to exchange the hvr and see if it was a defective unit. Originally Posted by speedfrk Your cable is analog?

ATI HDTV wonder in MCE 2005

I haven’t found anything that will bring tai HDTV wonder back to life once it goes into the sleep state other than removal of power. Regardless of this though, I still got a XT. What I’ve gleaned thus far is it works, but with caveats. If not, there may be an HDTV wonder up for sale.


Page 1 of 2. I didn’t test it, but I suppose it will still be tai if I switched from Win 7 to XP and the power was not cycled. That seems to agree with my findings, although I hadn’t attributed it to Sleep as of yet. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

It worked OK, until the machine went to sleep and then only a power cycle would restore it. Luckily MMC isn’t relevant in and my need for analog capture Kra installed that file on Win 7 and also not much changed.

Are you using MCE Standby?

nisar sani khalko de khando de kram

The laborious kraam entails: Originally Posted by sigi In my case the card is working fine ith the 6. Hoping for a better deal which is hard to come across, I will wait for a while to see if the PROs prices will go down at all. It worked fine in 32 bit, but my motherboard decided to flake out was running Athlon x, 2gb ram and I built a new phenom II x4 BE 3. It probably has something to do with operating the tuner, but so far I haven’t figured out what specifically causes the problem.