My network has Cisco modem router with my win7 pc and two Ip camera which I want to control them remotly. Hi, well it does show that it is probably not due to the hardware as the cable test has shown there is a connection and the LAN port is able to detect it! Also, I have hz memory but the motherboard only sets it at I have just built a new PC with the following spec: Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help!

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For now thank you once again and a Happy New Year. I will leave that for another day. Best way to know is just select either item in the bios and see what happens when another computer queries this one.

It is not the solution I wanted and I am angry that a company like Gigabyte can produce a component which simply doesn’t provide the functions I have paid for.

Letting the system go to sleep. Your board revision 1.

June 06, Ma77t-ud3p want to turn my pc via android phone by magic packets but may be my motherboard doesn’t support this packet so I Want to try modem ring. What configuration do I need for my Cisco router?


So I am completely confused. Even though it is enabled in the BIOS. And if not, How can I wake my motherboard on remotely? I am staing to wonder why I bothered. Vezina 10 If it s not broken, fix it until it is!

Gigabyte GA-MAT-UD3P – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM3 – AMD Overview – CNET

Greetings, The owner’s manual pgs Can I thank everyone for their ma77t0-ud3p and help. Setting the bios to modem and then to lan.

June 02, Hi, sorry the problem with the LAN connector couldn’t be easily resolved. When I switched off the machine and booted it up the next day the same problem occured. The first thing would be to re-flash BIOS using the QFlash Utility just to make sure that there hasn’t been a problem when you previously ma770t–ud3p it.

HELP – this is doing me head in. So this morning I have installed a LAN card, disabled the onboard Lan, and the problem has gone away.

GA-MA770T-UD3P VER 1.0 fails to wake on lan features!!!

Home Help Login Register. Otherwise it’s like absic said you can send the MB back to Gigabyte. It is a device which derives its identy from the pci source bus.


Don’t use the drivers from the install disk that came with the motherboard but use the ones that you can download from here: My Ip camera has complete program for recording and I Only need a remote program for waking up my pc. I upgraded my bios to 12 and also set my Cisco to port forwarding to my pc address and so I Don’t know if it is enough or Ik should do more?

Did you try a clean install of the operating system as I suggeted?

January 01, Hi, I have removed the Lan card, re-flashed the Bios with the F8 version, as suggested by Gigabyte Support, used the optimised settings but disabled the floppy drive and lo and behold it now works!!!! It won’t solve the problem but it will make you feel better. No internet even with the sepearte Lan card. I intentially went for Gigabyte MB because of their reputation.