Simple operation A smooth mechanical card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high-quality encode operations. IntelliStripe Command Reference Responses are the messages sent as a reply to a previously sent request. The reader can only read during card ejection. Tell us what’s missing. Smooth mechanical motorised card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high-quality encode operations. Page 25 Section 4.

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The MCP protocol does not use this property unless its host communications applications MCP auto baud enable property is set to false.

Accessories, Related documents – MagTek SWIPE & PARK User Manual

This property enables or disables RS plug and play support. This application deals with card transportation and magnetic stripe data acquisition. Single card slot design simplifies user interface and removes the human-error element ensuring quality magstripe and smart card encoding.

This property is the USB product. This application deals with the host mvp LED.

This serial number can be used to distinguish one USB device from another in a system. A mc result code has a common meaning for different device applications.

MagTek IntelliCAT99875662 User Manual

P2 is the address where the write will start Lc is the number of bytes to write. This command always returns data from the most current magnetic stripe data acquisition.


If you wish to use the msb first option, you will have to set this property to 1. The Magnetic Stripe application deals with decoding and presenting magnetic stripe card data. Memory Card Support The bit address is added to the byte address to form the address of the first bit to be affected by the command. Page 35 Section 5. This application deals with host communications. The reader will not attempt to consume a card if a card is already present in the transport.

This support is enabled if this property is set to 1 true or disabled if this property is set to 0 false.

To use this property, first set it to false, then monitor it periodically, if its value changes to true, then the device has been reset. This property contains the value of the RS interfaces fixed baud rate. This command available only on units with MagnePrint feature.

MagTek IntelliStripe : Manual

A card must be present at the middle or rear of the transport when this command is executed in order for it to succeed.


Your message has been sent. This property is the USB serial number. This command is used to reset the device. The IFD supports up to 8 connectors numbered The maximum time it would take the device to reset would be 5 seconds. Each bit can be used to define a particular condition. Each template is 4 bytes long.

Memory Card Support Note: The value is fixed and is software dependent. Page 29 Section 4. This bit can be used to indicate the beginning of a card insertion or the end of a card withdrawal.

MagTek is a registered trademark of MagTek, Inc. This condition indicates that there was a parity error in a message received from the card. This will put the device in its power up state. When this happens the Result Code Success 00 Hex is returned.