He was 17 at the time and had already won the New Jersey Amateur Driving Championship including a couple of billing winners. Read More News About Single season record holder at Northfield Park. His best was The Porter Gray, who raced in the s and won 68 races. Marcus Melander heads Dan Patch honorees.

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Marcus Melander heads Dan Patch honorees.

People have started to realise who I am and have put me on their horses. Harry Landy – This year Landy has saluted the judge 57 times.

A Harry Landy trained and driven longshot

Harry Landy showing his romantic side – to Lauren Graham. Harry Landy – In he had five amateur winners.

I used to do the freestyle event with flips etc. This year I have tried to build more relationships,” he added.

Harry Landy with cute little Lisa Marks. Not long after he bought they family farm and Landy junior’s obsession magnified from hzrry.

Read More News About New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire. Commission seeks accredited judge. Lass A Rope schools her elders. He described Casie Coleman’ as his mentor and someone who he also had agreat deal of respect for.


She would be the best horse I have sat behind so far. He’s a living legend and one of several horsemen and women I really look up to,” Landy said. I only live 10 to 15 minutes from jarness track and being a Jersey boy I want to remain here for as long as possible,” Landy said.

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Harry Landy – In front of his Uncle’s helicopter. Harry Landy – Lived the racing dream for as long as he could remember.

Make this country default. Outside of harness racing Landy was once a nationally ranked down-hill skier, but gave that up a couple of years ago. The moment Landy graduated from there he launched himself into a harness racing career.

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Harry Landy and Lauren Graham. That’s where I got the bug, but I knew if I wanted to make a name for myself I had to get off hobby horses and start driving good ones.

Both my father and grandfather had two businesses but they were also hobby horseman. Mum wasn’t happy because narness I’d arrive home from school after midnight,” Landy told Harnesslink.

Landy lands first career victory on 18th birthday – Harness Racing Newsroom – USTA – USTROTTING

Harry Landy had lived his harness racing dream for as long as he could remember, but even after making a name for himself as an amateur driver he knew he had to get his name out there even more. This year Landy has saluted the judge 57 times and placed on occasions from drives. Single season record holder at Northfield Park. That’s when people started to get to know me more.


I originally drove pony trotters. Each morning before and after school, much to his mother’s dissent, Landy would travel more than an hour from his Monroe home in New Jersey to the Meadowlands where he would offer to warm up horses for top trainers like Casie Coleman harnesz Mark Ford.

That’s when he decided to become ‘The Warm-up Harty. That was until about two years ago when I hit my head and was flown to hospital in a helicopter.