Overall If you want a good GPS system with a phone and you’re definitely going to be using the GPS on a regular basis — be honest now — then the A is a good bet. Mio DigiWalker A review: The fact that the supply is no memory card, more than compensated by the volume of the built-ROM, so that in this case is not considered a drawback. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The camera has autofocus and a flash of bright white. Even though the weak processor, with the majority of the tasks the unit handles are acceptable.

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The A’s screen, which is bright and clear in indoor environs, is too glossy and reflective.

Today-plugin – launcher Mitac Mio A Screen difficult to see on sunny days. Traditionally, to test our device we will compare with the likes of, in this case with the glofiish X and ASUS P Mio DigiWalker A review: Hours of 19 hours and 10 minutes.

Nothing squeaks when you use and do not play. For instance, alarms only function when the phone is switched on, although this makes for a wonderfully techie excuse for turning up to work late. Its diagonal – 2,7 inch, x pixels.

The very process of navigation and automatic routing causes no perceptible delay.


Mitac MIO A702

The Bad Number pad layout. Claims to the backlight is not – all fairly clearly different in the dark. Overall If you want a good GPS system with a phone and you’re definitely going to be using the GPS on a regular basis — be honest now — then the A is a good bet.

There’s also an OK button nestled between these hard buttons which, in our time with the phone, did less work than Paris Hilton. In general, it is convenient to use the program.


At first glance this seems like a reasonable way of doing things but the press and hold required to select a word takes a good second or so to register.

On the front there’s a shroud of grey faux-metal surrounding the A’s 2.

Be-on-road, the program menu Mitac Mio A For Bluetooth printing is possible and Synchronization ActiveSync. The former is like Palm OS’s launcher screen, while the latter groups together phone settings like voice speed dial and GPS configuration. Mitac Mio DigiWalker A can communicate with other Bluetooth available on files and folders in your Windows Explorer – the usual way, as well as with local files. Interface photo and video designed for the fact that all operations are possible with your mmio rather than a stylus and, in general, ergonomically quite thought out.

MiO DigiWalker A | eBay

Agree very impressive volume. Gripe is really that long start of the program and some thoughtfulness when switching modes and options in the menu probably affect not a quick processor and video subsystem is weak. In fact it is built-in Flash disk, whose contents are not deleted and hard reboot. Voice transmitted without failure, the parties have heard each other perfectly used for testing network fring, Skype, Google Talk and SIP-provider sipnet.


In the sun or in bright light to work with the communicator is quite comfortable. The device perfectly fits in your hand, the screen is overwhelming surface of the front panel keys are compact bottom.

He was well-heard and indoors and outdoors, or in the car while driving. Masterpieces aa702 photography from it is not expected. Not only are these hard buttons redundant, they’re also rather too small to be of any use.

On the right side from the top – power button. Be-on-road, the route in 3D mode Mitac Mio A Pumped only video playback.

Mio also bundles in two apps to make life in Windows Mobile world slightly more pleasant: